Tuesday, 25 May 2010

pin it forward//
today i am taking part in pin it forward, an event organised by sfgirlbybay and pinterest.

pinterest is an online programme which allows you to bookmark images from the web in your very own curated gallery. you can follow other people's galleries, and re-pin their images to your own. it also allows you to link back to the original source so credit is given where credit is due!

today's pin it forward event's gallery theme is 'what home means to me', so here's a sneak peak at my own pin board.

I would also like to welcome ev photo chic, a photographer, crafter & designer, who will be pinning her board tomorrow. i look forward to seeing what home means to her!

Images l-r (clockwise): via designsponge // via ffffound // via kitsunenoir // via donnawilson // via sannaannukka // via finnishdesignshop // via ffffound

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

the meat we eat//
this picture book is a satirical look at the meat industry. in this case, i am concentrating on the pork industry, but turning the process on its head, showing pigs farming humans in the same way that pigs are farmed in real life. the information contained in the text is a paired-down version of actual farming practices (with a little artistic licence in the illustrations!). i am not vegetarian by any stretch, but i wanted to create an awareness of the meat industry from a different perspective. what you take from this is up to you...

Monday, 10 May 2010

updating an old text for the 21st century: the little match girl//
this picture book takes the skeleton of the hans christian andersen classic and re-imagines it in modern times. the little match girl in my tale is a very disturbed and traumatised young girl, who has lost her family in an unnamed tragedy. she returns to the house and proceeds to set fire to it in an attempt to erase it from the landscape. in the flames she sees visions of her former life and longs to be back once more with her parents...